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Currently a code demo for Symfony mailer and file uploads to AWS S3.

All products on this website were created using ChatGPT.
These products are not for sale, any resemblance to real products is pure coincidence.


Code Demos

Symfony Mailer

All email messaging in a single template driven mailer helper service. Use Amazon SES to send emails. Symfony console commands to automate sending latest products, product launch, product reports.

Image Uploads

Flysystem storage library for uploads to Amazon S3. Lilp Imagine for image manipulation, thumbnails and media caching. Image helper service to simplify product, attachment, profile image handling.

Hotwire Stimulus

Stimulus controllers to augment HTML templates with just enough JS to shine! Dropzone file uploader, with sortable and editable list of uploaded files. Wow.js and animate for scrollable animations.

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